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Ah! To see artists doing their art.

Vocation as happenstance art making. Who could ask for anything more? Not this gal.

Art is what you do with pride, has your hand shown in its result, holds the gaze of the viewer. What these gents do is art. They have their medium, they have an expected outcome, they work meticulously until their achieve their goal.

Cement is really something unique. I have done some sculpture in cement. It’s a chemical reaction, but feels like it’s just playing in the mud. It can be smooth as glass, or rough as chards of glass. It’s a strong foundation, a base to be built upon, or a core to create strength to external materials, hidden below.

We stalled with this foundation. Stalled and stalled. If the ground is too cold, when the ground warms and expands the concrete will shatter. Without the foundation we were stalled with the stairs, and no stairs means no plumbing fixtures brought up for installation. No stairs means windows over stairs need to be stalled. Windows being stalled stalls the brick layers.

This whole project has been a huge Rubik’s Cube. Still unlocking the matching colors without pulling it apart and putting it back together (no cheating in this game!)

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