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Cement Mixer, Cement mixer

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Never, in my life, did I imagine that a cement mixer would make me as happy as my little red cement mixer has made me. I love it! I was instrumental to my summer and fall, and also, incidentally, the very best way to spend some quality time with my dear friend Lynn, who passed away in December 2022. May she rest in peace

Flagstone was simply not an option in my budget. I wish....

I did look for salvage flag stone on marketplace and elsewhere, but it just wasn't practical. So...of to youtube I went, and studied 6 ways to Sunday on how to construct my own patio stones, and I love them. It was hard as hell, don't get me wrong, and the late summer heat didn't make it any easier, that's for sure.

I followed my memories of my aunt's patio stones that abut her back door, added my color mixing theory to vary the tones of the stones, used various shapes, and presto, some 40-50 hours, lots of sore muscles, and only about $300 later, I have my ideal back patio that still offers some gardening areas and green space, some space for Dinah to do her thing, a relatively easy winter shoveling experience, and no muddy feet. Win. Win. Win.

I still have a small area to dig into when spring springs, but the bulk of the job is done, and I just love it.

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