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Coffee in the morning, and Friday is Taco day.

Keeping one’s crew satisfied, happy, fed, watered and respected is paramount for any project’s success. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 70 person crew for a custom show creation, covering 6 floors of a historic building in Chicago’s loop, or a crew of hard-ass workers, slinging brick and mortar in 35’ weather.

I understand that the luxury of a coffee maker in a working kitchen and (even more important) a working indoor restroom is not in every GCs playbook. I am lucky as the day is long that this premier project allows for that. Sitting here in said working kitchen, I could pontificate that any job that I work on should allow for such base necessities.

As we have all noticed during these more than challenging times, we are nothing without service people. The vast majority of American society is, in fact, in the service industry. Everyone from lawyers to bankers to doctors, actors to construction workers to taxi drivers to everyone working behind a counter, table or desk. Seen from that perspective, perhaps a different light is shone upon the people in our community.

In the words of Big Sandy- “Let ‘em know how you feel!”

Mostly unrelated, here is the dulcet tones of Connie Boswell, of the Boswell Sisters

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