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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

So, Cousin G, after having heard, on a covid daily basis, of yet another rejection for yet another bank, told me that she was listening to WGN radio, and heard this guy named (David Hockberg) on the radio with a show called “Home Sweet Home Chicago”, and said that maybe I should call the show. She had a partial website and a phone number.

‘What could it hurt’, thought I. So I called him. I left a message. Didn’t figure I would get anything but added to a spam phone call list.

That was on May 24, after having spent nearly 3 months being rejected. 2 days later, on Wednesday May 26, 7:45 pm, my phone rings “This is David Hochberg”- Who? What? The name, it's familiar…I’m in my alley pulling weeds or some such thing, and David Hochberg is calling me back to find out what he can do to help me.

He goes on to label me a “Tweener”. Basically, I got my ass kicked by Covid in 2020, had a reasonable income the year before, but it’s all about averages, he says.


Listen, I have a guy. I have a guy named Sammy in Maryland, Sammy will take care of you. I’ll make the introduction, and we can take it from there.

What? Who? How can it be? This Sammy guy (sounds more like a bookie than a mortgage guy) is going to take care of this ‘tweener’ with great credit but a lack-luster income year based on the plague? Sign me TF up.

The story of how David continued to support this pursuit is long and involved, but what I can tell you in this novelette is that he was a straight shooter, and he was legit, and he was a champ. A kinda no BS kinda guy that, despite it not benefitting him directly, cut to the chase and got the job done.

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