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Day 18 of the 30-day Coachhouse Final Quest

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

June 11, 2022 - Repurpose. Reuse.

This weekend is all about the outside. I simply can't take the view from my back porch anymore. That coupled with the promise of the very last large hole dug on Monday morning and the upcoming super hot weather sent me to the garden to move more dirt. To move more rocks.

These stones were made by me the first year I moved in to solve a need for a corner spot in my garden. I made them all indoors and one by one moved them out to the yard. They lived there for the first 6 years, and now will have their forever home as the rear entrance to the garden and the spot where my trash cans will live peacefully with nature. It will also keep water from flowing from the alley into the garden, which is a good 5 inches lower. They pitch towards the alley, and will be able to absorb rainwater and also be able to be shoveled in the winter.

This second area is where my compost and worm farm will live. All also taken from the erstwhile corner, both of these areas are the result of $0 investment, but lots of heavy labor. I'll cover them both with topsoil and water it into the cracks. A little regular weeding and we should be all set!

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