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Day 19 of the Coachhouse Final Quest

June 12, 2022- You may notice- the title changed a bit

Well, that's because I took a big dose of reality, and chased it with self-preservation, and came to the very logical conclusion that I am only racing with myself. Which I tend to do.

I phoned a friend upon this realization, and she confirmed what I was feeling. That I should enjoy the last mile (or 3) in this process. It's not every lifetime that one can build a house from a hole in the ground. It's not every lifetime that one can try and beat city hall, and outsmart the foxes. It's not every lifetime that one can stand back and really look at a job well done, done with one's own hands.

So, I have decided that, while I am going to continue to truck forward with progress, I'm going to smell the roses a bit, and know that there isn't anyone out there on earth that is going to fault me for that. Now, not even me.

Right now I am setting the stage for the projects that I have ahead of me, and one by one, slowly but surely, they will all get done.

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