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Day 21 of the Coachhouse Final Quest

June 14, 2022- The right tools for the job

Today I spent the best hour of the day at my trusted Clark & Devon Hardware. I was lead to some of my more obscure needs by a knowledgeable and friendly staff person. I tootled around to find the best way to DIY something that didn't exist before I imaged it, and all the while my English Reed glass was being cut. "Miss Nicolle, your glass is ready" was heard over the loud speaker.

"You need morise spindles? What size?" He shows me 4 different sizes mounted to a board, with drawers below of spindles that haven't changed since the 1900s. No extra plastic packaging, just neatly stacked metal rods nestled into a drawer that has probably been there since 1960.

I approached this young buck who was working in their modest, but well equipt garden area about some landscape ties that I wanted for something other than landscaping. He regretfully told me that they were out of stock. Well, 20 minutes later, when I was checking out, there comes the young buck, holding 2 packages of the landscaping spikes in front of him. "They just came in- I'm so glad I found you!". He had been walking the aisles to see the girl with the large shopping bag filled with the random assortment of goodies, and the 6 perfectly cut pieces of glass.

Now, finally, I think I have everything I need to knock out a bunch of projects. No more "shoot- I have to run to (insert big box store name here) to get what I need." Clark & Devon has me covered. Off into the 100' summer heat to fire up the cement mixer.

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