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Day 23 of the Coachhouse Final Quest

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

June 16, 2022

Looks like the subscriptions are finally coming through in email notices! Yahoo! Catch up on the last couple months of happenings, especially the big countdown.

Have cement mixer, will travel. I did a few samples of what is going to finish off my outdoor landscaping for pathways to the garage, my back door and the alley.

Today marks the day that starts the end of my garden torture. I just had a few yards of topsoil delivered (EZ Tree Recycling is the BEST! Cheaper than having things delivered by a box store, plus no plastic and it's all recycled) to level out the yard for the "Good Old Fashion Patio Stone Making Party" I am hosting tomorrow with some of my cherished Chorus Girls. Calling something "good old fashion' always makes it seem like more fun (Thanks ,Will & Grace) Yesterday I had 60 bags of portland and sand delivered. All are welcome to join in on the party!

Lots of wrapping up of little projects this week. I officially had my LAST HOLE dug in my yard. Dug. covered, electric live, CHECK!

Then I found my favorite kind of apron, apparently. The apron is completed on the garage. Check! I can't recommend Illinois Excavation enough for all of your demo cement & foundation needs.

Today SHOULD find my garage door FINALLY completed. Boy, that was a headache. Installer after installer ghosting me or trying to rip me off. Then an installer shows with his shit attitude "My way of the highway" he says when having to share the space with the drywall guys. 2 more visits from that company, and a missing piece that took 2 weeks to get delivered. OY! I can't wait for the garage to be up and running, operable, and in business.

The exterior doors to the garden and the apartment are also nearly completed. My promised door post is forthcoming.

Today is the first day in 4 when the weather will stay below 98', and I can't tell you how excited I am to move into the yard for the final leg. Dolly Parton is screaming on the Hi-Fi, and I am ready to roll!

Oh, and the Job Site Foreman is still hard at work

Speaking of which, gotta run!

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