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Day 7 of the 30-day Coachhouse Final quest

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Doors! Doors have represented both moments of triumph and moments of complete and total frustration in my Coach House quest. Garage doors, interior doors, exterior doors, closet door, cabinet doors. Hinges, stripping, locksets, building, rebuilding, hanging. Well, I haven't actually hung any yet, to be perfectly honest, but I sure have list sleep over it.

Nearly a year ago, last August of 2021, after having researched so many doors, and found nothing that 'brought me joy', if you will. I decided that I was going to build my front entrance doors. IU knew that it was going to be a huge mountain to climb, and I was full of vim and vigor, and nowhere near needing them. I have a whole post prepared about the construction of said doors (should I say, the continued construction of said doors), and I'll wait for the big reveal for that post and collection of videos.

Well, I am nearly ready to hang the first custom door. I made some MAJOR errors in building it, such as not having the stiles be a minimum of 4" for the purpose of having a reasonable 'set back' for the lock-set to avoid the inevitable 'knuck grind' upon opening, That's the error that I am dealing with now. I think I have a solution for it, but the solution is just more work and more time I have to put into these doors. I'm SO OVER THESE DOORS RIGHT NOW.

As I am sitting here, I'm thinking about how having deep pockets would be kinda nice once in a while. Having the opportunity to just hire someone to do something instead of having to do it by myself. Obviously there are tons of things that I did hire folks for, and had to, to do business in Chicago, but right now I can't help but think how nice it would be to just have someone else take my problem and find a solution for it, implement it, and POOF! I would have 3 gorgeous doors hung, lickity split.

That all being said, it will feel great when I can look back on the finished product and know that it was my hands that had it come to be. Well, my hands, lead by other's hands who know a far sight more than me.

Soon I will have doors!

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