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Day 9 of the 30-day Coachhouse Final Quest

May 31, 2022

Meet my foreman. She's got her eye on the projects and her eye on the prize.

She ensures that the details get buttoned up, everyone is doing their job, and no stone is left unturned.

Dinah very quickly became everyone's compadre. At the same time that we started our construction over here, the next door neighbor began a renovation. With the fence having come down early in the process, she quickly gained another 100% of yard. Once the workers on both sites started leaving the gates open (like, always) she gained an alley as well, and lots of friends. She would visit particular neighbors, knowing that they would soon send her home. She would visit both job sites, and absolutely found her favorite of the regular contractors.

Now that we are coming close, and coincidentally the fence has been returned, she has her eye trained on our project, and only gets in the way about 80% of the time. Just like a foreman should.

Today we watched as the drywall laborers came closer and closer to finalizing the walls. Since I last reported about them and their progress they have managed to fix all of the garbage work that their original crew created, and bringing the interior nearly to a place where I can go in and finalize the cabinets, tile, sills and other finishing projects. The you know what is about to get real, and my days are about to get even longer, but the end is in sight!

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