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Good Night Sweet Prince

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

For those of you who have known me for better than 10 years, you will remember Rico.

He was my first. He was my love, and my protector, and a rescue, although it’s hard to say who was actually rescued, between the 2 of us.

He didn’t suffer fools, he danced, he was an acrobat, a worker, a champion. He was also bionic, having taken a header off of an overpass in the Blue Door days, chasing some tail (a rabbit, to be precise).

After 19 years of life, 12 with me, Rico took his leave from this world in 2013, and since then, I have kept his remains near, waiting for the perfect opportunity to lay him to rest.

As the dirt was falling into the chasm of the foundation of my biggest adventure to date, I laid his little steel box near the threshold of the path that I will travel daily. He will lay, forever, in front of the doors that will eventually have his name engraved on them, made by my hands.

Good night sweet prince. You will forever be my protector, and the protector of my home.

(He also always knew how to work a camera)

#chicagocoachhouse #coachhouse #ChicagoADU #restinpeace

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