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How NOT to install drywall (and how not to pay for it 'till it's right)

Updated: May 26, 2022

See, I have installed drywall. And I have mudded it, and taped it and sanded it. It sucks, because this is not what I do. Now, when one hires ones who do install drywall, like for a living, one should expect it not to suck.

This sucks.

The guys had a great start. Good natured, great music, and they were moving! Things kept trucking along from morning until evening, and then I had to hit the road. All seemed to be going well, so I gave the deposit for the first part of the work. I stepped away to do what I do.

I came back, just before dusk to find the most horrible finish to a good start as I think I have ever seen, personally, in my life. Sure, they wanted to go home, sure, it had been a long day, and sure, the tacos I bought them for lunch might have slowed them down, but GIVE. ME. A BREAK.

I quickly stopped payment on the check, not a moment too soon, apparently. Would I have ever seen them again had I not? Probably not. Was I kind in my explanation last evening that I was going to stop payment until the job was completed to my satisfaction? Of course. Will I pay them before the entire job is done, and done to my standards? What do you think?

You win some, you lose some. I consider this a win. The drywall guys, I suspect, do not.

C'est la vie.

Update 5/26: The bossman came out today, and was equally mortified by the results. (or at least claimed to be, and I have a good feeling about him). He and I devised a plan to move forward. He's a 3rd shift Union taper trying to build his own business, and obviously hired knuckleheads whom he will not hire again. He's here doing his Union best.

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