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If I had a hammer....

As it turns out, I do have a hammer, and a saw, and a mess of other tools, thanks to my various stints working with, and even someones as a woodworker. It seems like I should say ‘a carpenter’, here, since that’s often times synonymous with wood worker, and it is also the subject of this blog post, but when I watch a real carpenter in action…..I got nothing.

The carpenter that is working with me on this project is aces high. Check out his great work and progress here. He’s so skilled, and so confident, and so even tempered, it just blows me away. Every question, comment or request is met with “sure” and “okay”. Nothing phases him. He’s great. and is he fast. Dang.

The great thing about working with wood, in my experience, is that it’s both physical and intellectual, plus is oh so satisfying. The results are so calculable, if not predictable, and in that, it’s extremely gratifying. It’s also pretty forgiving, which is super convenient when you are the kind of ‘woodworker’ that I am. That table can be 29” instead of 30”, no big deal. If I really botch things up, for the most part, I can go and get another piece of wood, and try it again. Mind you, that can get expensive, especially now, but at that point, you have nobody to blame but yourself, so suck it up, buttercup.

The most important thing in my book is to have a very healthy fear of power tools. Those things can mess you up if you’re asleep at the wheel. The music is always low and my concentration and focus is always high. I’m never caviler, and yes, I always measure twice, and cut once. That doesn’t mean that my measurement was right either time, but at least I’m sleeping in the bed that I made, so to speak.

I always thing that, as a woodworker, you can build virtually anything you want or need. you can build something with wheels for transportation, something that holds water for food, shelter, shelves, or just something to fit ‘right there…”. It’s pretty great. I often experience the phenomenon of my imagination being grander than the hours in a given day, but there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

I have the wonderful fortune of having a dear friend and his generous nature foster my desires by allowing me to work in his beautifully equip shop. He’s got it all, I swear. Every little thing for every little need, PLUS space to make it all happen. So far on my list of proposed projects for the coach house:

3 exterior entry doors (about 1/2 done in labor hours) A vanity cabinet (underway) A pantry for the kitchen (still in panning stage)

A bathroom medicine cabinet mirror frame (near to complete) Doors for my bathroom in-the-wall cabinets (designed)

With that list, I think I gotta stop, or else I won’t have time in the day, or for the next few months, to do anything else. But, boy, it sure is hard to NOT imagine making something that ‘fits right there…’

For not, I’ll leave the rest to the expert, Piotr. See some of his handiwork here.

Now, for a little inspiration from Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

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