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Minisplit for the win!

The way of the future

Minispilt heat pump HVAC systems, electric , generally exterior wall mounted systems are 300% efficient. By contrast, my boiler in the basement of my main building, 90% efficient. That means that my mini split system produces 300% more energy in heat and air conditioning than the energy used to run it.

That’s pretty cool. It’s hot too. For the first winter keeping the Coach House temperate I have had a warm and cozy, quiet and adjustable heating opportunity, and I could be happier about it. The coach house, by way of the heat pump, also hosts central air, which is fabulous, and really helped during the hot summer season when I was up there doing the trim carpentry. First time for me in my life, that’s for sure.

The electric bill has been super low (maxing out at $55 in any single month) and during our arctic cold spell in December was able to keep the space warmer than my big old boiler/radiator system in the front house.

Folks have asked if I have a good HVAC person, as they were curious if a mini split system. I WISH. While my guys were adequate, at best, I would not recommend them to anyone. There have been a number of issues for which I have had to have them back. Basic stuff like making sure that the unit doesn’t vibrate itself off of the exterior wall, and repairing the extraneous holes placed right at eye level because of poor craftsmanship and the absence of logic. Even as I write, I am waiting for them to return to make their work code compliant. I have been waiting for a full 6 months.

That all being said, once they finish, it will be well worth it!

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