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Salvage Satisfies- How I roll

Those of you who know me, and maybe even those who have simply started following my site, know that I am, generally speaking, ‘Vintage First’.

What that doesn’t mean:

It doesn’t mean that I only buy vintage at the expense of common sense.

It doesn’t mean that I will contend with something that is just this side of being dumped in the trash, in terms of usability or lifespan, JUST for the sake of a vintage aesthetic (well, like 99.5% of the time that holds true.)

It doesn’t mean that I brush away modern conveniences

What it tends to mean:

I would prefer to have things made of wood, steel, glass, wool, cotton, linen, leather and traditional materials over plastic 100% of the time.

That I will sometimes pay a little more, as any current financial situation dictates, for something that was made with durability and pride 50 years ago vs going with the newer and cheaper.

That I OFTEN pay a lot less for things that are durable, sustainable, eco friendly and sparks joy in me.

That I spend quite a bit more time shopping, vs buying.

That the vast majority of friends know to drop me a text when they find something or are changing something out that meets the above criteria, and I will, the vast majority of times, go and acquire that particular thing.

When it comes to building a stage set, or a home, Salvage satisfies. Finding something that has had a life of 40, 60 or 100 years before it came into my purview is a thrill. Imagining it having another 20, 40 or 100 years still ahead of it, sends me over the absolute moon.

I have 2 local ‘go-tos’ in my area. The ReStore (Habitat for Humanity’s resale/salvage shop) and The Rebuilding Exchange. Both of these places are like a cross between taking a trip down State Street to window shop, and stopping by the ice cream shop, walking away with something that you were really craving, and found you with the perfect satisfaction. Delicious.

Things that I have salvaged for the Coach House (and subsequently live in my basement) to date includes:

Kitchen cabinets Interior doors

Closet doors

Bathroom sink

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom fixtures

Toilet (it’s adorable, and perfectly clean, and don’t judge)

Workbench Shelving

Decorative stone for the brick exterior

Bathroom tile

Shop sink

Garbage disposal

It’s great, and it sure does help to keep that budget in line. It makes it easier to decide that I will be going with things like a tankless water heater or aluminum clad windows vs vinyl. It’s give and take, and is so very exciting to share with my seconds.

How long has second hand been ‘my jam’? Hard to say, but I can tell you that, when I look around in any of the rooms in my house, I can say that there is probably about 8-10% of my personal belonging that were purchased new. That goes for clothes, furniture, kitchenware, home office supplies and furnishing, garden goods and even my costume room.

So there’s that. #vintagefinds #ChicagoCoachHouse #ChicagoADU #CoachHouse #Salvage #Rescuedog #Dinah #Alleyfinds

Everything pictured, short of the art, is second hand, Dinah included. Art is compliments of Tom Bachtell and Erin Kao

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