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Stumpy's new digs, and the unanticipated porch repair

Thursday May 26, 2022

Meet Stumpy. He's my long time Treehouse Working Cat. He's been with me since the beginning of having my place. 6 years now. He's an excellent ratter, and occasional house guest. He and Dinah, my pup, get on fabulously. Winters find him with his own private heat lamp and pressure-initiated heated bed, summer finds him sunning himself and calling for a visit morning and night.

His digs were disrupted by an urgent need for a new support for the porch. The guys came in and yanked a piece of lattice from under the porch only to proclaim - 'Hey- un gato! " sending Stumpy jetting off into the vast expanse of tarps and mud that once was my yard.

The porch guys did their business, and shored up what needed to be new, and left Stumpy with nothing but his box. Gone were his cozy confines, gone was his hang. I figured it was time for a little cat house reno at that point. It only seemed fair.

I took some random boards left behind by one contractor or another and made a modular floor. Dampness comes up through the foundation and try as I might, all the bathmats in the world couldn't keep it dry under there. Now, that shouldn't be an issue.

I reused some lattice from last year's garden, made a brand new gate and walls, and voila! Stumpy has new digs and my porch is right as rain.

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