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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

January 3, 2023

The tradition of mosaic tile work goes back centuries. From temples to bathes to grand entry ways.

Well, my entry way wouldn't be confused with anything grand, but it is mine, and it did deserve a little bit of pretty. Picking the colors that would work while remaining flexible was a challenge. My front building entry, which is considerably more grand than the Coach House, is all burgundy and dark green mosaic. It's just wonderful, and also forced me to do some color matching on the entry walls. For the Coach House I went simple, in a welcome mat design with some additional flourishes. If you put an actual welcome mat there, or any sort of rug, everything will work out A-okay. Note to self, and others contemplating something like this: Yes, it's fabulous that these mosaic tiles come in a sheet. I can't imagine the days before they did. One you release these tiles from the bondage of their organizational netting, all bets are off. Shifts are inevitable, and I had to remind myself not to be too A-type when doing it. At the moment of completion I was incredibly disappointed in my craftsmanship, but time gives perspective, and now it looks absolutely perfect.

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