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When it's right, it's right

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When you need what you need, and want what you want, you do what you gotta do.

I have these wonderful friends, Matt and Sapna. They are generous in spirit, and know how to make a gal feel at home. They have been incredibly generous in that they have welcomed me into their incredible shop area to use every free moment I have to build, build, build.

Matt is a super talented and super patient woodworker, and always has projects in the works. He has sourced a myriad of hand and power tools, and has the most organized and clean shop that I have ever seen. That makes a difference, boy. When one is in the throws of a late night puzzle that is trying to figure out how to do that one LAST thing on the project, the last thing you want to do is have to rifle through a box of metal, rubber and wood, looking for the right thing to do the job.

I have found that in this petite space, design is key. trying to cram a ($500, without a sink or faucet) 34" bath vanity in a 25" space, while possible, would just throw the room off.

Now, making a PERFECT ($120) cabinet for the PERFECT bathroom sink ($40) with the PERFECT facet (included in the price of the sink) found at the PEFECT salvage are talking perfect satisfaction. When it's done a snowy stormy night that would generally be spent binge-watching netflix, life is good! Bought new, the finished combination would be at least $800. Found and built, $160 plus a an evening of satisfaction.

Owl Hardwood (see my resource page for more details) is my preferred stop for great building lumber. Walk in, and the world is your oyster. The guys working there are great. The materials that they have are great. Just walking in is inspiring. Arrow straight planks with beautiful grain. Don't get me started...

This is my first cabinet project of what it looks like be many for this Coach House. I'll recount the build of others soon, but for now, take a gander at how it all come together.

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